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Rao Pahlad Singh (RPS) International School in Gurgaon, Sector 50 was founded with the vision to ensure that every student will get a quality education in India. RPS Institutions have 26 years of experience in the education Field, and the school's reputation is well-known all over India. RPS Institution was initiated by Dr. OP Yadav, who was an advocate and educationist of repute. He has a legacy and a prominent place in the world of education. The mission behind RPS Institution was to introduce quality education, and this vision was further grown and nurtured by the chairperson, Dr. Pavitra Rao.

At RPS Institutions, we believe that every student has potential and uniqueness, and we create a student-friendly environment. we always support our student's talent and encourage them to develop their skills and sharpen their minds. we encourage the children to increase their creativity and enrich them with good human abilities, and we fill the students with a responsible citizen feeling.

At RPS Institutions, we always try to ensure that our students study in a sustainable environment with the positive and progressive attitude for which our school always works. That's Why RPS International School is the Best International School in Gurgaon.


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Shooting Academy

School launched a world class shooting range at school level. The inaugural event was graced by Indian Sport Shooter, Mr. Manavjit Singh Sandhu...

Int. Language

Language is the fastest medium to break barriers. We at RPS empower our students to be global citizens and to equip them effectively...


“Books are the gift of life and a man's best friend”.They offer a rich stock house of knowledge that remains forever with an individual...

Music & Dance

Music and Dance As Humans are naturally creative, musical and artistic, Children respond naturally to music; they can move to it...

Computer Lab

Today’s generation is techno upgraded. They cannot imagine life without computers, mobiles, tablets & laptops. For any information...

Art & Craft

Art & Craft just fit in together. They are a different process, of course, but hold the same meaning: creation Art involves...

Transport Facility

We believe in safety and punctuality. The school has a fleet of specially designed A.C buses to ferry students to school and back. All the buses...

Science Lab

The Science labs are equipped with necessary tools, systems, devices and infrastructure. We appreciate the importance...

Parent's Feedback

Best School in Gurugram

At RPS International School, we envision empowering students with the mixing of traditional and modern culture by providing technical infrastructure and smart classrooms along with the promotion of talent and skill.

RPS International School is consistently ranked among the top schools in the country, a testament to its excellence with discipline.

RPS International School is the Best School in Gurugram. The vision behind the school is to spread Quality education. RPS International School has 23 years of invaluable experience in the field of education.

At RPS Institutions, we believe in the uniqueness of every child while creating a highly child-friendly and supportive environment to make learning an enjoyable experience and play a key role in the child's development.

At RPS Institutions, we believe that a sharp mind of a student shapes his intellect, encourages his creativity, and, above all, enriches his character and instills the values in him that makes him a good person and a responsible citizen.

Why RPS International School the Best School in Gurugram?

At RPS Institutions, we not only believe in academic education but also prepare students for the several competitive entrance exams so that they can increase their skills and recognize their potential.

At RPS International School, we always strengthen the student's abilities to acquire, understand, and articulate knowledge and enhance skills. We also emphasize the development of cognitive skills in students.

The RPS International School provides the best computer facilities. Without a computer learning lab, it is difficult for the youth to connect with current technological advancements.

At the Best School in Gurugram, we provide the best computer infrastructure with expert teachers and an advanced science lab as per the requirements of the students and curriculum.

The Art and craft classes of RPS International School promote and encourage students to further develop their skill in other field and also leads to the enhancement of students' imagination skills.

At RPS International School, we make students' minds sharp through the help of practical-level understanding so that students can better interact with anyone and not only restrict themselves to particular people.

RPS International School provides the presence of science labs with an overall great infrastructure with live demonstrations, and we make every effort to enrich the learning experience at the Best School in Gurugram.

Why Parents Should Prefer RPS International School for Their Children?

At RPS International School, we have great achievements with the student's success, where students crack various difficult examinations like JEE, NEET, Olympiad, etc., which also reflect the school's and teachers' efforts along with the student's hard work.

The Best infrastructure is available for the students. In which the students can broaden their minds and learn things easily.

The Institution has Smart Classrooms where visuals with fantastic videos and voices of various characters, add more interest in learners and make learning quite effective at the Best School in Gurugram. The visual and audio elements improve the student's experience in class and they grasp concepts easily.

At the Best School in Gurugram, we provide the best knowledge that remains forever with a student throughout his life. We provide knowledge for various subjects and fields, aside from newspapers, magazines, and journals.

At Present, international languages become essential for students. we strengthen our students by providing them the free of cost classes in various languages like French, German, and Spanish. 

Under the guidance of teachers, singing and dancing classes are provided to the students at the Best School in Gurugram which are promoted and encouraged by the school authorities.

Priority to Extra-Curricular Activities at RPS International School

Academics play an important role but extra-curricular activities are equally important for the students because it sometimes acts as a stress booster and also enriches the students with various others required skills. 

Sports have given students the ability to work as a team and understand the true meaning of co-ordination and co-operation. 

At the Best School in Gurugram, we believe that sport makes the youth more active, and energetic and it develops the competitive feeling and cooperation value among the students.

Under the guidance of the coaches and Experts, our students performed very well in several state and national-level sports competitions and makes our school the Best school in Gurugram.

In RPS International School, there is a facility of a very big playground for volleyball, football, badminton, and many others for the overall development of the student. we also have facilities for several indoor games.

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