Shooting Range

School launched a world class shooting range at school level. The inaugural event was graced by Indian Sport Shooter, Mr. Manavjit Singh Sandhu. The shooting range is equipped with usual shooting paraphernalia and qualified instructors & produce world championship.

Pistol Shooting

Pistol shooting is an exciting and challenging sport. It is a sport that provides a never-ending inner battle to improve one’s technique, timing, and concentration. Some divisions require agility and movement while others only require the shooter to shoot from one position.

Rifle Shooting

When you go to the range to practice, do you see how fast you can fire using the target as a backdrop, or do you carefully place each shot, striving for a tight group? To acquire the skills needed in a defensive situation you have to do a little of both. The key in defensive shooting is not to see how accurately you can fire a handgun, but how quickly you can fire it accurately. To develop effective defensive skills, you should practice gun movement and quick firing while maintaining sight alignment. Sound difficult? It is at first, but by rehearsing a few basic drills, your skills will greatly improve.

Air Rifle Shooting Technique

The shooting technique consists of four elements:

  • Shooting position
  • Aiming
  • Pulling The trigger
  • Breathing

Position In General

The shooting position is very important for achieving high scores. In order for a shooter to achieve a high score, he should have a position that enables him to aim and trigger correctly. First of all, a good position should provide stability as much as possible so that the shooter’s body/rifle system moves as little as possible while aiming and triggering. Besides stability, the position should also make it possible for a shooter to feel comfortable in accordance with the number of shots at the competitions and, thus, be less physically and mentally tired.